Janet Wootton

Janet Wootton is a communicator, both by profession and through her art. Her work has landscape origins and mainly explores the properties, surfaces, tensions & melting points of plastic-based materials and aluminium. The finished work ranges from transparent images of a sensitive but highly coloured quality, to rugged relief paintings of a distinctive constructional and linear nature where horizon lines are significant. There is a recycling approach in much of Janet's work, through the reusing and re-working of plastic bags and aluminium sheet and wood and their conversion into artworks.

David Booth

David Booth was born in Manchester in 1963. He is currently studying Fine Art at Derby University, where his work is receiving high praise. David works in painting , photography, sculpture and installation. In Green & Organic '08, David is exhibiting a large photographic print 'Sciatica', a reflection on a illness he has suffered from, it depicts the spine with 24 recycled chairs. His other piece in the show comes from an installation work 'Dark Water', using recycled plastic & a recycled canvas frame, the plastic gives the impression of the dark depths of water and the beauty in its movement.

Dora Winstone

Dora has been working with and collecting recycled envelopes for the past year in an attempt to create interesting images out of an object that we all discard everyday, trying to illustrate the range of colour, contrasting between the inside and outside of the envelope. She enjoys seeing the initial lines that are the thoughts behind the form, and love working with layers, be it through manipulating paper, paint or composition. Including personal aspects in her work is important, illustrating a friendly face or significant place. Travel has influenced her work a great deal in the past year.

Louise Williams

The subject matter of Louise's work tends to be decorative objects such as plants and flowers, cakes, sweets and jewellery. This current mixed media range combines painting, drawing and machine stitching with collaged materials such as giftwrap, newspapers, magazines, postcards and hand-made papers. The aim is to create colourful, decorative pieces, rich in pattern and texture.

Adrian Shaw

As both a scientist and artist, Adrian uses montage and other mixed media methods to explore the boundaries between technology, the environment and society. He is particularly keen on utilising ‘found’ or discarded objects- the detritus of our post-colonial, global society in his art. Often, he uses assemblages and installation9including painitng, text, printing and light based methods- photography, video in a trans-media approach. He is also, as someone of anglo-indian background interested in investigating identity, memory and diaspora, which he calls ‘universal tourism’. Stylistically he works in a ‘faux naive’ manner. Adrian lives in Nottingham and is currently completing an M.A. in lens-based media.

Carol Savage

Carol is disturbed by the violence, alienation and disconnection in modern society and drawn to the broken, aged and worn-out fragments we leave behind, or views of the world that may be partial or incomplete. For this series of prints she began with drawing small elements of the landscape, layering and manipulating them to create a new whole. These were then the focus of printmaking techniques with a green ethic. Ferric chloride is used to etch rather than the more toxic nitric acid, and biodegradable sunflower oil is used to clean up, rather than white spirit. The chine collee is litter and waste paper fragments.