Alan Birchall

Alan Birchall 'Red Lion Pottery' is inspired by some elements of Oriental philosophy especially Zen & Wabi-sabi in relation to ceramics. He likes the concept of finding 'beauty in the impermanent, imperfect and the incomplete, in things modest & humble & in the unconventional'. He is also inspired by geological formations and flora in the surface texture of his ceramic work. His glazes are based on traditional oriental recipes and often incorporate native wood ash. He experiments with the wonderful effects that natural ash and the raw flame can produce in his wood-firing kiln. In the cabinets of Green & Organic, Alan will exhibit pots created using some locally dug red clay as a slip, ash glazes created from locally sourced coppiced and pruned trees or old pallets, and all fired in his carbon neutral wood kiln. Come along to see his really stunning and unique pots in Green & Organic.